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20 February, 2012

Meera's family accepts Naveed Shahzad's proposal

Wedding bells: Meera's family accepts Naveed Shahzad's proposal
By Web Desk
Published: February 20, 2012

Retired actor Meera's family accepts Pakistani-American's proposal. PHOTOS: PUBLICITY
After appearing on TV shows in quest of finding a husband, Lollywood star Meera has finally decided to give in to her parents.
Meera’s parents on Sunday accepted the proposal of a Pakistani-American airline captain, Naveed Shehzad, who is also Meera’s family friend. The engagement, which is to be announced soon, is “all arranged by the family,” said the actor.
“Shehzad is a family friend and I will be getting engaged to him on my family’s insistence,” Meera said.
However, Shehzad told the media that he had “laid his eyes” on Meera in 2009 at his sister’s wedding in New York and has liked her since. The pilot also prefers to call Meera by her real name “Rubab”.
He clarified that the ceremony at Meera’s house on Sunday was not the engagement, contrary to media reports, and that the media would be informed about the ‘grand engagement ceremony’ soon. “God willing, the marriage will be held by the end of this year.”
Earlier on Sunday evening, Shehzad and his family visited Meera’s house. Only close relatives from both sides of the family were present.
Meera had recently announced her retirement from the Pakistan film industry in an interview to The Express Tribune, and said that she wants to work on a new image of herself by working with productions outside the Lollywood circle.
Last year in November, another Lollywood star Reema also married, as per her family’s will, to US based Pakistani cardiologist Dr Tariq Shahab and advised all girls to follow her footsteps.
Meera’s alleged husband?
Attiqur Rehman, who had claimed to be Meera’s husband, said that Meera cannot marry unless the court decides the matter.
After hearing her engagement news, Rehman said that the court’s decision was still pending and Meera cannot marry as she’s still married to him.
He had filed an application in response to the lawsuit from Meera wherein she accused Rehman of preparing a fake marriage certificate showing her as his wife only to grab her property.
Meera said she had no relations with Rehman but he was blackmailing her by claiming to be her husband. She requested the civil court to cancel the nikahnama possessed by Rehman and initiate proceedings against him.


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