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02 April, 2012

Fear the Unibrow! NCAA Star’s Epic Eye Hair Dominates Internet [PICS]

Fear the Unibrow! NCAA Star’s Epic Eye Hair Dominates Internet [PICS]

By Sam Laird on Mashable

1. Y U NO?!?
A meme hasn't truly arrived until it gets the "Y U NO" treatment.

2. Just browsing
Does Anthony Davis have the most interesting unibrow in the world?

3. Brow down
Brow down when you come to his town.

4. Gets all the girls
Chicks dig the unibrow.

5. Mom's mask
Davis's mother donned a unibrow mask for a game earlier this season.

6. Unibrow cat
Twitter user Vanessa Dixon posted this photo of a cat sporting a Davis-inspired unibrow.
[via @vd2004]

7. Separated at birth?
Davis and the Sesame Street character Ernie seem to have an uncanny resemblance.

8. Come at me, bro
This Jersey Shore-inspired sign became popular online after someone photographed it hanging from a house in Lexington.

9. With Ashley Judd
Kentucky superfan Ashley Judd used Twitter to post a photo of herself with a unibrowed Wildcat mascot.

10. Tremendous upside potential
With a size, agility and leaping ability, Davis possesses a set of measurables that has NBA scouts drooling. Apparently his unibrow tests out well, too.

11. Silhouette
Davis's unibrow has spawned several t-shirts that capitalize on its imposting silhouette. A UK student posted this one to Tumblr early in the season with the caption, "i seriously love my school."

12. Frida
When was the last time a basketball star drew Frida Kahlo comparisons?

13. The winner
It's hard to find a better tribute than this photo that's been making the rounds online.
Monday’s NCAA championship game will likely be a bittersweet moment for Kentucky basketball fans. Their Wildcats are favored to beat Kansas for the March Madness crown, but it will almost certainly be freshman phenom Anthony Davis’s final college game before heading off to the NBA.

And to make matters worse, he’s taking his unibrow with him.

Davis’s ethereal play this year — he became just the second freshman ever named national player of the year by the Associated Press — was approached in greatness only by that majestic batch of brow-connecting thatch.

His unibrow became a nearly instant sensation among fans at games and online. Supporters have spent the season paying tribute with signs held aloft in the stands and hilarious online riffs that have spread on Twitter, Facebook, blogs and message boards.

One superfan even shaved an homage into his chest hair, using nipples as eyes.

Davis, for his part, appears quite secure with himself and doesn’t seem to mind the attention. (Something about being the assumed number-one pick in the upcoming NBA Draft probably does that for a guy.)
“Only he could pull it off,” teammate Marquis Teague told The Wall Street Journal. “He’s a unique person. He’s OK with it, and he just has fun with it.”
The epic unibrow has spawned a Facebook Page with more than 7,000 likes, as well as at least two dedicatedTwitter accounts. It’s inspired tweets, graphics, even t-shirts available to buy online.
Scroll through the slideshow above to see some of the web’s best Anthony Davis unibrow-inspired creations. What did we miss? Let us know in the comments.
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