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24 April, 2012

Mobilink Infinity and LDN Considering to Quit Operations in Pakistan

Mobilink Infinity and LDN Considering to Quit Operations in Pakistan
By Aamir Attaa · Wednesday, Apr 25, 2012 on

Mobilink Infinity LDN thumb Mobilink Infinity and LDN Considering to Quit Operations in PakistanLink Dot Net and Mobilink Infinity, Orascom’s fully owned subsidiaries for DSL and WiMAX broadband services and sister concerns of Mobilink, are considering to wrap up its operations in Pakistan, amid low returns and to shift the group focus on core cellular services and branchless banking.

Sources familiar with the development have confirmed ProPakistani that Infinity and LDN have decided in principle to exit Pakistani market.

However, final decision is yet to come after annual board meeting of Pakistan Mobile Communication Limited, a company under which Orascom operates in Pakistan. Meeting is scheduled for May 15th, 2012 in Islamabad.

Another source in the company told ProPakistani that decision is yet to be made, hence nothing can be said as of now. But yes, group is considering an option to quit operations in Pakistan.

Orascom had bought World On Line and Dancom to offer DSL broadband services in Pakistan. Link Dot Net, after in operations, has been facing tough competition from PTCL, country’s largest DSL broadband service provider. In addition to competition, analysts say, LDN was victim of anti-competitive practices by the telecom giant.

Moilink Infinity, on the other hand, started offering WiMAX services in Karachi back in 2008 with plans to stretch the coverage to other parts of the country. However, it contended with Karachi only especially when Orascom had capped additional investments for various markets it was operating in.

Ali Dam Dam De Ander Part 1, 2.... Upload By GETbyU

Ali Dam Dam De Ander Part 1.... Upload By GETbyU

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Korean fried chicken recipe

Korean fried chicken recipe

Music: "Jindo Arirang" played by Chae Okseon (gayageum musical instrument)

Ingredients (for 3-4 servings):
3 pounds (about 1.5 kg) of chicken chunks, salt, ground black pepper, potato starch powder, flour,sweet rice flour, egg, baking soda, canola oil (or vegetable oil), garlic, ketchup, hot pepper paste,rice syrup, vinegar.
See my site for pictures and descriptions of ingredients:

1. Rinse chunks of chicken in cold water. Drain.
*tip: You could use chicken wings, too. About 24 wings will be 3 pounds.
2. Add 1 tbs ground black pepper and 1 ts kosher salt.
3. Add ½ cup potato starch powder, ¼ cup all-purpose flour, ¼ cup sweet rice flour, 1 ts baking soda, and 1 egg.
4. Mix well by hand and completely coat the chicken.
5. Put 6-7 cups of canola oil in a wok or frying pan and heat it up.
6. After it's heated for about 7-8 minutes, test if the oil is ready by dipping a sample chunk of chicken into the oil. If the oil bubbles, it's the right temperature to start frying.

Fry them using the double-frying method:
1. Fry the chicken chunks for 10 minutes over high heat.
2. Take them out of the oil and shake them off in a strainer. Let them sit for a few minutes.
3. Fry them again for another 10 minutes until all pieces look golden brown and are crunchy outside.
*tip: If your skillet is not large enough to fry all the chicken at once, divide it into batches like I do in the video.

While you are frying, you can make the sauce:
1. Put 1 tbs canola oil and 4 cloves of minced garlic into a heated pan,
2. Add 1/3 cup tomato ketchup, 1/3 cup rice syrup, ¼ cup hot pepper paste, 1 tbs apple vinegar and simmer the mixture for about about 7 minutes. Keep your heat low and be sure not to burn the sauce.
3. Turn off the heat and wait until the chicken is done.

Chicken is done? Then coat your chicken with the sauce:
1. Reheat the sauce.
2. Put the freshly fried chicken into the sauce and gently mix it up with a wooden spoon.
3. Sprinkle some roasted sesame seeds over top and serve hot or warm.

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fried chicken superbowl chicken yangnyeom tongdak bonchon chicken kyochon chicken Korean chicken Korean spicy fried chicken chicken recipe Maangchi recipe Korean cuisine Korean food Korean recipes video recipe cooking yangnyeom chicken crispy crunchy Korean spicy seasoned chicken 양념통닭 본촌치킨 교촌치킨 Korean fried chicken Korean chicken wings

Breakfast Sandwich recipe

Breakfast Sandwich recipe

Chef Jason Hill of shares his favorite breakfast sandwich recipe in this episode of "Chef Tips."

There's no need to buy a breakfast sandwich maker, or pick up a Subway breakfast sandwich or McDonalds breakfast sandwich anymore. You can do this yourself! We promise it's really simple!

Although there are many types of breakfast sandwich recipes, Jason's favorite is an egg breakfast sandwich made with California sourdough bread, turkey bacon, thin sliced deli cheese, and plenty of hot sauce. (We like Tapatio, Cholula, Texas Champagne and Marie Sharp's Habanero Hot Sauce.)

Instead of turkey bacon, you can use regular pork bacon or sausage for your meat filling. If you want to make something over the top, use a donut or waffle as the bread instead of sourdough, or try English muffins and croissants.

Be sure to have your pan on medium-high heat so the cheese can melt thoroughly, and the crust can get a nice crusty golden brown.

We hope you enjoy this easy egg sandwich! For the full recipe, log on to

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Outdoor Galore : Guest-Friendly Buffet

Outdoor Galore : Guest-Friendly Buffet

Give your dinner party a warm and welcoming feel by setting up a serve-yourself buffet. TV host and blogger Evette Rios suggests separating your drinks and entrees so that everyone can mix and mingle between mixers and meatballs. In addition to setting the stage for spontaneous conversations, this casual layout gives you the freedom to focus simply on being the host.

Expert: Evette Rios
Bio: Evette Ríos is a craft and design expert and TV show host.
Filmmaker: Carrie Leigh

Series Description: Host Evette Rios gives tips and techniques for outdoor entertaining, from backyard barbecues to al fresco dinner parties. With her simple, budget-friendly solutions for the centerpiece, place settings and pre-party prep, you'll host a hassle-free outdoor party your guests will remember.

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Drawing Tips & More : How to Draw Perspective Elevations

Drawing Tips & More : How to Draw Perspective Elevations

Mastering perspective will go a long way towards developing your talents as an artist. Learn how to draw perspective elevations with help from an artist in this free video clip.

Expert: Patricia Kaegi
Bio: Patricia Kaegi is an artist who teaches art to children and adults.
Filmmaker: Victor Varnado

Series Description: Whether you're drawing something in three dimensions or two, you could always use a little more practice to help with the finished product. Get tips on drawing and learn tricks with help from an artist in this free video series.

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Australia women cricket team, Meet the stars of Australia's women's cricket team, Hot stars of Australia's women's cricket team, Ellyse Perry, Jodie Fields, Meg Lanning, Rachael Haynes

Meet the stars of Australia's women's cricket team
By International Cricket Council on Facebook Page
Australia also recorded a thrilling 4-wicket victory over New Zealand today with just one ball remaining in the first T20I of the series.

From Bottom To Top
Ellyse Perry, Jodie Fields, Meg Lanning, Rachael Haynes

Sachin Tendulkar Birthday, Sachin Tendulkar, 39 and going strong, My Sachin is going to play better than ever: Coach Achrekar

My Sachin is going to play better than ever: Coach Achrekar
Agence France-Presse Last updated on Tuesday, 24 April 2012 15:02

Sachin Tendulkar, 39 and going strong
wish Sachin Tendulkar on his 39th birthday today
On Sachin's 39th birthday, we are sharing some rare pictures of Sachin with you all. - Team Tendulkar Opus
OLD pictures Of Sachin Tendulkar...

Source: Sachin Tendulkar Facebook Fan Page, And Cricketnext

Let's make it simple as he enters the 40th year of a life lived more for others than himself. Let's spare this day from putting expectations on his shoulders – something he never refused to take and we never stopped giving. Let's just simply say 'Happy Birthday, Sachin Tendulkar' and feel the relief he enjoys on his special day, with nothing left to be achieved and nothing left to be conquered, just the love for the game keeping him going.
At this juncture, when success lies in every corner of your life, 'what next' becomes the most-asked question. And it's nothing different for Tendulkar, who perhaps is the biggest victim of demands in this country. But his never-ending supply of runs has met those demands incessantly for 23 years, and now when he stands maybe just a year short of good-bye, he too is being asked, "What next?"

Sachin Tendulkar, 39 and going strong

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New Delhi: Batting great Sachin Tendulkar turned 39 on Tuesday with an impassioned plea from his childhood coach to carry on playing cricket for India since he is "far from finished".

"All those murmurs about his retirement must stop, this is not the right time to go," said Ramakant Achrekar, 80, the man credited with the early training of the leading scorer in Test history.

"He must not retire now. He must go on playing and scoring runs for the country," the celebrated coach told a national daily.

Tendulkar made his international debut in 1989 and has played more Tests (188) and One-Day Internationals (463) than any other player.

He is the highest run-getter in both forms of the game and last month became the first batsman to complete 100 international centuries -- 51 in Tests and 49 in one-dayers.

But Tendulkar took more than a year to move from 99 to 100 hundreds -- against Bangladesh during the Asia Cup in Dhaka -- and many fans started to believe he needed to rethink his career, especially in one-dayers.

The Mumbai batsman has himself dismissed talk of retirement, saying it would be "selfish" for him to quit when he still had a lot to offer Indian cricket.

Achrekar predicted Tendulkar, currently playing in the Indian Premier League, would return to his best now that the 100th century was out of the way.

"I can see that his form is picking up and it is only a matter of time before we see him score those magnificent runs again," he said. "Now that he has got his 100th century, he will play freely.

"My Sachin is going to play better than ever. He is far from finished... those who even bring up talk of his retirement are wrong."

Achrekar said Tendulkar would help India bounce back from two humiliating 4-0 Test series whitewashes by England and Australia in the past year.

"The India team has been going through a rough patch lately and I believe it is Sachin who will help them sail out of it," the coach said. "He will score those crucial centuries to help the team do well once again."

Achrekar, whose other wards included former India internationals Vinod Kambli, Praveen Amre and Ajit Agarkar, said it would be hard to find another cricketer like Tendulkar.

"Sachin is the best batsman the world has seen," he said. "We may find another great, but I do not think we will ever get a player of his calibre.

"The day he retires, the loss will be irreplaceable. Not only will the country feel it, but the world of cricket will miss him."

23 April, 2012

New Gmail Comes to All: Do You Approve? [POLL]

New Gmail Comes to All: Do You Approve? [POLL]
by Todd Olmstead
The new Gmail is officially here. We’ve known about this new design for months now, but much like Facebook Timeline, the rollout to all users has been a slow process.

Google officially announced the redesign in November. Until recently, however, users still had the option of reverting back to the old look. That’s not the case now, as Google has followed up its redesign of Google+ with an involuntary change to new Gmail for all users.

James Fallows of The Atlantic was one of the users putting off switching to the new look. He laments the changeover, calling it “the forced ‘improvement’ of something that wasn’t broken,” an opinion that’s been echoed on Twitter throughout the product’s prolonged unveiling.

However, many people feel just fine about the new Gmail, including some of our commenters. Jeff Kee wrote that he was a voluntary convert. “I actually like the clean look without clutter,” he wrote. “More focus on the emails – I love it.”

But as with any major redesign of a widely used product, there will be a range of opinions. So we’re asking you to let us know what you think. Answer our poll below and tell us in the comments what you think of the new Gmail look.

What Do You Think About the Gmail Redesign?


Gideon Sundback celebrated in a Google doodle, zip's inventor, birthday of the zip's inventor

Gideon Sundback celebrated in a Google doodle
Latest doodle is a giant zipper running down the search engine's homepage marking the birthday of the zip's inventor

Google doodle zipper

Gideon Sundback celebrated with an interactive zipper Google doodle on the search engine's homepage. Photograph: Screengrab
Google's latest doodle, a giant zipper running down the centre of the search engine's homepage, marks the birthday of Gideon Sundback, the Swedish-American electrical engineer most commonly associated with the development of the fastening device that revolutionised the clothing industry.

Before Sundback's intervention, the idea for a fastener based on interlocking teeth had circulated among engineers for more than 20 years but no one had perfected it.

His innovation was to place a dimple on the underside of each tooth and a nib on the top that would sit securely within the dimple of the tooth above it.

As a result, the join between two rows of teeth was then strong because no single tooth has enough room to move up or down and come apart. He also created the manufacturing machine for the new zipper.

Born on April 24, 1880, in Småland, Sweden, he moved to Germany following his studies and emigrated in 1905 to the US, where he started to work at Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Company in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

A year later, he was hired to work for the Universal Fastener Company in Hoboken, New Jersey, and became its head designer in 1909.

Sundback initially proposed the new zipper as a replacement for hook-and-eye fasteners on women's boots but it had become a regular feature for the flies of trousers and on dresses by the 1930s.

Sundback died of a heart condition in 1954 and was interred at Greendale cemetery in Meadville, Pennsylvania.

News Source:
Images From : WIKImedia, WIKImedia

The Amazing Camera Work From ‘The Matrix’ Just Got Even Cooler

[Video] The Amazing Camera Work From ‘The Matrix’ Just Got Even Cooler

Ready to drop your jaw? Richard Kendall doesn’t really care if you’re ready or not, and he’s decided that it’s going to drop. This is seriously cool. He took the bullet-camera idea from The Matrix/X-Games (think the whole “40 cameras in a ring shooting simultaneously” thing that we’ve all seen a hundred times), but slow down the exposures and paint with light while each camera’s shutter is open. I’ve never seen anything like this before: it looks like something out of a Sci-Fi movie, except instead of doing it in a computer and rendering everything, it’s happening right in front of the camera. Light and time are both frozen while camera motion takes us on a wild three-dimensional tour of the space. Unreal!


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Why Nikon Built the D3200

[Editorial] Why Nikon Built the D3200

I have seen a lot of remarks and questions as to why Nikon released a 24 megapixel consumer camera. Why did they pack so many megapixels into a crop sensor? The ISO performance is likely to suffer (though we won’t know for sure until we test it out). The smarter move? Keep the megapixels the same and increase the ISO performance. So why didn’t Nikon do this?
Because ISO performance doesn’t mean anything to the consumer market. Nikon was going for a sticker-shock of sorts. Nikon didn’t build this camera because it was the photographic tool the world needed or was asking for. No, Nikon built and released this camera for one reason only: to take down the Rebel.
Before I continue, let me again state, for the record, that I am a Canon boy. I love Canon. I’ve been shooting with a Canon for over 10 years. I shot with a Nikon FN back when I was using film, but when I transitioned to digital I was and have since been all about Canon.
Canon’s top selling camera line for years has been the Rebel series. Rebel is a great success story. For a small, cheap, light digital SLR, it’s fantastic. Its price point is perfect, and beginners and soccer-moms alike have flocked to the Rebel for years. Its pricing made it perfect for a new model every year, giving Canon consistent revenue. The Rebel is the last Canon camera to hold fast in the top 5 sellers spot on It is a thorn in Nikon’s side, and Nikon is tired of it.

Screen Shot 2012 04 19 at 4.33.37 PM [Editorial] Why Nikon Built the D3200

Nikon knows how consumers think. Big numbers, flashy videos, and low prices (and maybe Ashton Kutcher) sell cameras. To take down the Rebel, they would need to beat it at its own game. In order to do that, they slapped a crazy (and arguably unnecessary) 24 megapixels into a $700 package that includes a lens. That’s not only cheaper than the Canon T3i, but the numbers on the surface make it look like a much better camera. Sure, aside from the megapixels, the actual specs aren’t that different. But think of it this way: You’re a beginner without a lot of money and you want what appears to be the best you can afford. That, in this case, would be the Nikon. For an entry-level shooter or soccer-mom, there isn’t a very compelling reason to choose the Canon now, especially if the impending Rebel T4i doesn’t look to hold up in the sticker-shock-megapixel race:
“Other unconfirmed specs show the camera to be 18.1mp and running DIGIC 5, which should improve noise performance and overall image quality. I’m told we won’t see a new APS-C sensor until the 60D and 7D replacements are addressed.”
-Canon Rumors
Canon looks to be doing the right thing, which is increasing the actual quality of the image. However, many consumers are under the false impression that megapixels mean everything. That said, Canon touting a better sensor can easily be overshadowed by the “mine is 24 megapixels and yours is only 18” people.
I have no doubt that the D3200 will fly off the shelves at Best Buy like hotcakes. But what remains to be seen is if those sales can unseat the Rebel.
If you want to be one of the first to get your hands on this camera, you can pre order it from B&H Photo and now.
What do you guys think? Do consumer cameras matter?

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5D Mark III Zeroed AA Filter – First footage for download

Sneak preview5D Mark III Zeroed AA FilterFirst footage for download
Sunday, 22 April, 2012 12:54

Here is a sneak preview of whats to come. Please be sure to download the 50Mbit constant bitrate clip rather than judging it from the highly compressed Vimeo stream.
This clip is shot with my modded 5D Mark III without the anti-aliasing filter softening the image. The clip was shot on the softest setting with no in-camera sharpening. Removing the AA filter also makes the camera sensitive to infrared light and gives you a bit of extra detail in the shadows, but you will need an IR-cut filter on your lens for electric lighting and black fabrics. Canon recently produced a 60Da for astro-photography and with this mod the Mk III becomes a 5Da!
There’s no serious issues with moire and aliasing after removing the filter.
As for the resolution increase – it is there!
Neither James Miller or myself has yet had time to test this against a normal 5D Mark III but I do intend to do this soon.
I’m also putting together a step by step guide book on how to do this mod yourself (the safest way). Opening / rebuilding the camera takes about 30 minutes each way (if you follow my instructions).
More to follow in a few days.

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UK Wedding Photographers Driven Bankrupt by Angry Customers

[News] UK Wedding Photographers Driven Bankrupt by Angry Customers

This is a situation that seems to be getting more and more common. A couple in the United Kingdom were so upset by the atrocious images they received from their wedding photographer that they demanded a refund. Unfortunately Westgate Photography went out of business. The photographers had charged a paltry £750 (about $1200 USD), and the bride and groom obviously overpaid.
To me, the problem here is less that Westgate Photography (owned by Ian McCloskey and Nikki Carter) shot the wedding, but more that couple hired them thinking they would get an amazingly documented wedding. The price point is far too low, and the couple likely did no research into what kind of results they were to expect from the now bankrupt business. The bride and groom asked for a refund, but unfortunately the photographers went out of business and were only able to pay back half their investment. McCloskey said that “They were the first couple we had a complaint from. If I could have paid all the money back I would’ve.
They weren’t happy with the images and neither were we. We did all we could to try and make it right. We ended up with terrible photos and put our hands up to that and we have attempted to pay them back as much money as we can but unfortunately we are going bankrupt.” McCloskey added that they had set up the business “at the wrong time” and had decided to call it a day to ensure the same thing didn’t happen to anyone else.
He said one of their cameras broke and rather than give the couple half the number of pictures they offered them all of them. Yay.
Below are some examples of the photos from the wedding. Full story and More Photos: [DailyMail]

22 [News] UK Wedding Photographers Driven Bankrupt by Angry Customers
32 [News] UK Wedding Photographers Driven Bankrupt by Angry Customers
42 [News] UK Wedding Photographers Driven Bankrupt by Angry Customers
52 [News] UK Wedding Photographers Driven Bankrupt by Angry Customers
62 [News] UK Wedding Photographers Driven Bankrupt by Angry Customers
72 [News] UK Wedding Photographers Driven Bankrupt by Angry Customers


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Jeep Signs On as USA Basketball Sponsor

April 22, 2012, 8:32 PM
Jeep Signs On as USA Basketball Sponsor
A Jeep print ad featuring Chris Paul, a point guard for the Los Angeles Clippers and a finalist for the 2012 Olympic basketball team.

A Jeep print ad featuring Chris Paul, a point guard for the Los Angeles Clippers and a finalist for the 2012 Olympic basketball team.
The United States Olympic program might not have picked its basketball team yet, but the team already has a full lineup of sponsors.

USA Basketball, the nonprofit governing body for basketball in the United States and organizer of the Olympic basketball team, will announce Jeep as its newest sponsor and the Jeep Wrangler the “official vehicle partner of USA Basketball.”

Jeep will introduce an advertising campaign, called “Power Within,” next Saturday. As part of the campaign, Jeep will introduce a vehicle, the 2012 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Altitude.

The campaign will feature Chris Paul, a point guard for the Los Angeles Clippers and a finalist for the 2012 Olympic basketball team, as its spokesman. A television ad featuring Mr. Paul will include a voice-over and music by Common, and the tag line, “A legendary vehicle supporting a legendary team.”

Revenue from the partnership will be used to finance USA Basketball programs, including junior programs for boys and girls.

Some print ads and billboards featuring Mr. Paul and the Jeep have the headline, “Legendary Teams Live for the Road.” Digital elements of the campaign include a microsite,, which will include video interviews with Mr. Paul, a sweepstakes to win the new Jeep Wrangler, and live coverage of Jeep and USA Basketball events.

A kickoff party featuring Mr. Paul, Common and the D.J. Biz Markie was held Sunday in Los Angeles. In an interview, Jerry Colangelo, the USA Basketball chairman, described the partnership as “combining two great American brands, USA Basketball and Jeep.”

Ever since the Olympics began allowing professional players in the games, basketball has become one of the Games’ marquee events and a big draw for marketers. USA Basketball has 10 other sponsors, including American Express, Gatorade, Nike and Cisco Systems.

“Our role and job is not just to have someone sign an agreement with us,” Mr. Colangelo said of the corporate sponsors. “We want to help them achieve their objectives.”


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