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20 February, 2012

Whale shark in Islamabad to become national heritage

Whale shark in Islamabad to become 'national heritage'
By Web Desk
Published: February 17, 2012

According Pakistan Science Foundation's briefing, 15-tonne-heavy fish moved to museum where it will be preserved. PHOTO: PPI/FILE
ISLAMABAD: The whale shark which was found dead on the Karachi shore was shifted to the Pakistan Museum of Natural History in Islamabad on Friday, Express News reported.
According to the briefing of the Pakistan Science Foundation, the 15-tonne-heavy fish has been moved to the museum where it will be preserved and kept as a national heritage.
Earlier, officials from the Karachi Fish Harbour Authority had claimed that the fish was actually government property and could not be put on display and had added that Haji Qasim, the man who had bought the whale shark for Rs200,000 would be compensated.
According to the director general of the Marine Fisheries Department (MFD), Shaukat Hussain, the whale shark was a 40.1-foot long female and weighed 15 tonnes. He said that this was the second largest fish to be found in Pakistan.
The director general added that a 41.5-foot long whale shark was found off Karachi’s coast in 1947.


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