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05 April, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S3 snap leaks, hints at March 22nd due date

Samsung Galaxy S3 snap leaks, hints at March 22nd due date
Posted 15th March 2012 at 1:02pm by Muhammad Usman Arshad

An image of the Samsung Galaxy S3 has apparently leaked online, prompting speculation that the phone could be unveiled to an expectant tech world before the month is out.
samsung galaxy s3 mockup
Sourced by Phone Arena, the snap shows a handset with the same super slim form factor and opinion-dividing plastic exterior as the blockbuster blower that is the Galaxy S2.

However, in keeping with more recent smartphone challengers (CF: Nokia’s Lumia 800), this time around it seems Sammy has dispensed with front-facing physical buttons in favour of on-screen pressers.

Also noteworthy is that the screen appears extended too, perhaps tallying with rumours that the S3 will feature a super-sized display in the region of 4.8-inches, almost pushing it into tablet territory.

Less convincing than the image, though, is text on the screen that suggests that the device will make its debut on March 22nd. We're very much inclined to doubt that. Not least because, as Phone Arena’s scribes point out, the font looks wrong and smacks of a Photoshop mock-up.

Also causing us to doubt its veracity is that Sammy previously warned tech fans to expect the phone in the first half of the year. That suggests to us that it’s more likely to be a second-quarter release than any time in the next few weeks.

Source:Phone Arena

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