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15 April, 2012

Fujinon 19-90mm T2.9, Final Cut Pro X release fell short of expectations, Fujinon 19-90mm

Fujinon 19-90mm T2.9, Final Cut Pro X release fell short of expectations, Fujinon 19-90mm
If you’ve missed the news, NAB 2012 is going on right now. NAB is the big video show that gives professional broadcasting companies something to look forward to. To that point, there are budget options and other video announcements that are sure to peak the interests of budget shooters as well. So far, Apple, Fujinon, and others have made some interesting announcements…

Apple FCP X Update 300x164 [News] NAB 2012 Update!Pros across the globe shunned Apple after a much-anticipated Final Cut Pro X release fell short of expectations. Apple is picking itself back up again, however, with announcements for upcoming features that should help it be a more effective editing tool for the pros:
– Multi-channel audio editing tools
– Dual Viewers
– MXF plug-in support
– RED camera support
Is this enough to keep Apple going with FCP X?

Fujinon 19 90mm 300x223 [News] NAB 2012 Update!Additionally, Fujinon announced a handy little lens: the 19-90mm T2.9 Motorized Lens for Super35mm/APS-C cameras. This neat PL-mount gadget combines Fujinon’s excellent optics with a motorized focus, zoom, and iris control. For $38,000, I’m sure you could work a few other solutions to do a similar trick, though.
Fujinon 19 90mm motor [News] NAB 2012 Update!
The Fujinon 19-90mm T2.9 motorized lens includes an ergonomic handle and well-placed controls for controlling the focus, zoom, and iris.

HandiZoom 300x220 [News] NAB 2012 Update!If you want another solution to the Fujinon mentioned above, the HandiZoom might fit the bill. We don’t have a price yet, but add this to your twist-focus Canon (sorry non-Canon shooters) SLR lens, and you’ll have a similar solution for what’s sure to be a fraction of the cost. Check out the ‘brilliant’ video below that’ll take you back a couple decades…


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