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15 March, 2012

How to Add Photos to Your Facebook Map

How to Add Photos to Your Facebook Map
February 28, 2012 By Amy-Mae Elliott For Mashable

1. Your Map
To manage your map, click on the "map" box in your favorites section, beneath your cover photo.
If you can't see a "map" box here, hit the down arrow to the right of the boxes to see the hidden boxes.

2. Add Photos to Map
Now click "Add Photos to Map" on the top right hand side of the maps screen.

3. Select Pics to Add
You'll now see your uploaded photos in a film strip-style display at the top of your map page.
Clicking an image will give you a "Where was this?" text box.

4. Add a Location
Start typing the location and you can select the correct one from the list that appears.

5. Save Down
When you've finished adding a location to the pics you want to geotag, click "Done Adding" to return to your normal map view.

6. Add Location to Individual Photos
You can also add in a location when you're viewing a photo.
Simply click "Add location"...

7. Add Location to Individual Photos
...And start typing in the box. Select your location from the choices that appear.

8. Your New Pins
Once you've added locations to images, back in your map page you'll see new pin markers.

9. Click on the Pins to View Images
If you click on the markers, you'll see the relevant image.
Adding photos to your Facebook map is a great way to chart where you’ve been and what you’ve achieved in your life.

If you have added geo data to images as you uploaded them, they should already show on your map page. If not, we can show you how to quickly and easily add location information to your pics to give them geographical context.

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Take a look through our simple step-by-step instructions above. Let us know in the comments below if you like browsing images on a location basis

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