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15 March, 2012

10 Awesome Animated Google+ Profiles [VIDEOS]

10 Awesome Animated Google+ Profiles [VIDEOS]
February 21, 2012 By Amy-Mae Elliott For Mashable

As the current king of the animated G+ profile with his role as resident artist at profile pimping company
JustBusiness, Dunken's own profile doesn't disappoint.

Considering he specializes in underwater photography, Eric's profile is simple and stunning.

How can a cute green robot fail to make a good impression?

Daria rocks Google+ with her musical Hangouts. She also rocks her profile page with a fabulous circles-based design.

Model train enthusiast Anthony's design is suitably steam-powered.

Trey's effective design points visitors to his "Stuck in Customs" travel photography blog.

Evo's animation is a little different than our other examples, but just as striking. We especially like the Google+ graphics in the background.

Jeremy's profile showcases his photography, with some lovely landscapes that work really well across the strip of scrapbook images.

Bearing in mind his "passion for Geospatial technology" Adam's map-based animation is both apt and awesome.

We're ending the gallery with a home-made creation. Giles shares his "how-to" over on Google+.

We’ve seen some great Google+ profile hacks, but there’s a new breed of design in town — the animated Google+ profile.

Pioneered by Dunken K Bliths, whose creations dominate our gallery, the animations create a real splash when you first land on someone’s Google+ profile page.

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Take a look through our gallery of awesome animations. Link us in the comments to any other good ones you’ve seen on the social service.

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