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02 December, 2011

Veena Malik goes nude complete with ISI tattoo

Veena Malik goes nude, complete with ISI tattoo

veena nude

Pakistani actress Veena Malik has almost certainly roiled the establishment back home posing nude on the latest issue of FHMmagazine -- with a tattoo on her arm reading ISI.

The ISI (Inter Service Intelligence) is the Pakistani spy agency that is considered a law into itself and which India [Images ] believes was behind the 26/11 terror attacks in Mumbai [ Images ].

Now, we don't know how the Pakistani government is going to react to Veena's bold stance but we can be sure to see some action in the next few days.

In this issue of FHM, Veena talks about her ex-boyfriend, Pakistan cricketer Mohammed Asif, who she claimed was a match-fixer.

She also talks about work visa, which has come under debate after she signed up for Imagine TV'sSwayamvar.

This is not the first time that Veena will have come under the Pakistani scanner.

Earlier, Veena created a storm when she cozied up to Ashmit Patel 

Fundamentalist organisations in Pakistan claimed she had destroyed Pakistani culture and had no right to be the citizen of the country. In fact, a Facebook group called Ban Veena Malik was also created.

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