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09 May, 2012

Bloopers to Wins: Animated GIFs Perfect for Any Social Media Moment

Bloopers to Wins: Animated GIFs Perfect for Any Social Media Moment
09/05/2012 by Stephanie Haberman on Mashable

When someone tells you they don't have a Facebook, then you realize they are serious.

When I think my post is about to get a ton of comments, and it doesn't.

When my pin gets over 200 repins.

When everyone keeps complaining about the new Facebook changes.

When someone says I took a great Instagram picture.

When someone sends me a cat video.

When someone calls themselves a social media guru.

When someone doesn't have a smartphone.

When I tweet a broken link.

When I have to explain Pinterest to my client for the 5th time.

When a brand tweets improper grammar.

When I accidentally tweet from the wrong account.

When I'm the first person to post big news on my Facebook.

When someone asks what Mashable is.
(Our favorite!)

A What Should We Call Me spin-off Tumblr has arrived.

While the original gives you ways to respond to common occurrences anywhere, this one tells you how to respond to common social media faux paus in similarly rediculous ways. It’s called What Should We Call Social Media.

The spinoff was created by three women who work in social media — Arielle Calderon, Sarah Howard, and Chelsea Crawford, who find the GIFs they use via Tumblr searches.

“The bottom line is that we wanted people to laugh and relate,” they told Mashable. “And we think we succeeded.”


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