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03 April, 2012

YouTube’s 20 Most-Shared Ads in March [VIDEOS]

YouTube’s 20 Most Shared Ads in March [VIDEOS]

By Stephanie Buck on Mashable

1. Two-year old dancing the jive
We've seen tons of viral talent on YouTube, but it's always a shock and a treat when you come across a toddler who can dance better than you!
The child's parents take dance lessons at, a dance studio in Denmark. They turned the two-year old's jive into an ad for the local business.

2. The Road We've Traveled
Academy Award winning director Davis Guggenheim created this spot for President Obama. The video highlights some of the United State's most challenging hurdles since Obama has been elected.
The 17-minute video is well-worth the watch. It includes interviews from President Bill Clinton and Vice President Joe Biden, among others.

3. Invisible Mercedes
To create an "invisibility" effect, Mercedes attached panels of LED lights to one side of the car. On the other, it mounted a video-shooting Canon 5D Mark II digital SLR camera. Whatever the camera filmed on one side of the car was projected on the LED side, creating an automobile mirage.
Mercedes' campaign highlights the green efficiency of its new fuel cell vehicle -- it's environmental impact is nearly "invisible."

4. L'Odyssée de Cartier
In Cartier's enchanting ad, one of the jeweler's diamond-encrusted cheetahs comes to life and travels a mythical dream-world, full of iconic Cartier shapes and creatures. The ad celebrates the "universal scope" of the 165-year old brand.

5. Our Blades Are F***ing Great
This hilarious ad asks men to stop being such fancy pants. Just buy simple, inexpensive razors. And buy them for a few dollars on monthly subscription service

6. Round up your mates for a GUINNESS on St Patrick's Day
In this chuckling spoof, a very talented sheepdog literally herds a bunch of friends to a pub, where they celebrate St. Patrick's Day with Guinness beer.

7. Vytautas Mineral Water! It's Earth's Juice!
"It's poopless! It's clean! It's full of minerals!"
We were literally speechless after watching this ad from Lithuanian mineral water company Vytautas. It's not only full of absolute, glorious nonsense, it's also packed with Internet memes. Now that's what we call effective online marketing.
Be careful, though. It's NSFW.

8. Gorillaz - "DoYaThing" for Converse
Through its signature animated style, this creepy Gorillaz music video "DoYaThing" reps Converse quite suitably.

9. Angry Birds Space: NASA announcement
Astronaut Don Pettit announces Angry Birds Space from the International Space Station, some 240 nautical miles above the Earth's surface. Petit demonstrates his version of the game at zero gravity.

10. Introducing the MARSHALL FRIDGE
"The coolest icon in music just got cooler."
I'd say! Amp manufacturer Marshall designed a mini-fridge that looks like, well, an amp. They've marketed it here as a handy on-stage beer cooler, but we predict college co-eds will be buying them by the barrel full.

11. "Cubs Win" MLB 12 The Show Full Length Commercial
Playstation produced a poignant advertisement that predicts how Chicago Cubs fans will react when the team (hopefully) wins the World Series. (The team hasn't won the World Series in 103 years, longer than any other MLB team in history.)
Playstation hopes that its new game, MLB The Show, can recreate similar emotional reactions.

12. Angry Birds Space
Rovio released the official story behind Angry Birds Space.

13. Guardian open journalism: Three Little Pigs advert
British newspaper The Guardian imagined how it would thoroughly cover the story of The Three Little Pigs today: in print, online and through social media discussion. The ad calls its method "open journalism."

This Johnson's baby shampoo ad sure does capture the joy of bathtime! And as always, Johnson's emphasizes that its baby shampoo doesn't causelágrimas, or "tears" in Spanish, the language in which the advertisement was shot.

15. Human Slingshot Slip and Slide - Vooray
This ad, by athletic clothing company Vooray, shows a day in the lives of some adventurous young people. Teens slide down a Slip 'N Slide-like hill, and launch off a ramp to land in a lake. Oh, and a truck is pulling them, hence the "human slingshot."
We don't recommend trying this at home, but it sure looks like a blast!

16. THE ONE SPORT by Dolce & Gabbana -- Official Spot
Turn the A/C on, ladies -- it's about to get hot in here! Dolce & Gabbana's ad introduces its new fragrance: Sport, from The One collection.
Male model (and muscle-rippling stud) Adam Senn does push-ups, stretches and jogs around an ancient coliseum before bathing in the sun, overlooking the ocean. Sounds like a romance novel, huh?

17. M&M "Sexy and I Know It" Super Bowl Commercial 2012
M&M's Super Bowl commercial continues to generate clicks. In the ad, Red M&M mistakes no-nonsense, female Brown M&M for being nude. He proceeds to strip off his own candy shell and boogies down to LMFAO's "Sexy and I Know It."

18. Hahn - Spill-Proof Beer
Championing "beer pioneering," Hahn Academy invites people to collaborate on new ways to improve the beer experience. The robotic arm in this video, although not real, prevents beer spilling, despite the drinker's rowdy dance moves.
Who knows whether these kinds of tech marvels will ever make it to the bars, but for now, it's funny to imagine such scenarios.

19. Danny MacAskill - "Way Back Home"
This Red Bull ad follows street trials bicyclist Danny MacAskill as he bikes the landscape between Edinburgh, Scotland and his hometown Dunvegan, located in the Isle of Skye. Prepare yourself for some extreme, yet graceful bike acrobatics.

20. Life Vest Inside - Kindness Boomerang - "One Day"
Non-profit Life Vest Inside follows the ripple effect of one act of kindness, as one person passes goodwill to the next. It's quite the tear-jerker, we admit.
YouTube has revolutionized advertising, that’s for sure. Nowadays ads can be long-form, interactive and often film-like. The platform adds a valuable social element to the experience, as well. That’s how we’re able to determine YouTube’s most-shared ads, by month.

March’s list was quite diverse. You’ll find some tear-jerkers, and lots of special effects. During certain ads, you’ll giggle; during others, you’ll stare at the computer screen shocked and gape-mouthed.

Our friends at Unruly Media compiled a list of the 20 most-shared YouTube ads for the month of March. Each one is guaranteed share-worthy.
Are there any that surprise you? Let us know in the comments.

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