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10 April, 2012

Waterproof Smartphone Cases to Prevent Disaster

10 Waterproof Smartphone Cases to Prevent Disaster
by Stephanie Buck on Mashable

The Kickstarter product has received an overwhelming response, so your pre-order may take awhile. But the high impact polycarbonate case looks worth it.
Price: $69.99

Great for swimming or jogging, this combination waterproof case and armband will protect your smartphone from water, sweat and sand.
Fits iPhone, Droid and large MP3 devices.
Price: $59.99

This dry bag fits nearly any smartphone device and comes with an armband and lanyard for extreme sporting.
Price: $39.99

This creature looks more like a Craftsman tool than an iPhone case. It's waterproof up to 20 feet, and features a solar panel that will extend your phone's battery life up to 1.5 times.
Price: Available June 1, $100

This kooky waterproof iPhone case was designed specifically for underwater photography. Its three buttons are situated to tap the camera app, the camera shutter and the home button.
Price: $84.95

6. Aryca
Dive up to 20 feet with this snug, waterproof smartphone case. Aryca makes models that fit many smartphone devices, and they come in fun colors like yellow and pink.
Price: $39.99

Although you probably wouldn't keep your phone in this dry bag 24/7, you can kayak, cook and spill near BubbleShield's whimsical design. The shield is sound-permeable, so make calls or shoot video without removing your phone from the bubble.
And each package comes with several BubbleShields - one for every adventure!
Price: $19.95

Suitable as an everyday case, this Lifeproof design protects your iPhone from water and dust.
Price: $79.99

Designed to attach to standard bicycle, motorcycle and ATV frames, the StormCruiser iPhone case will forge its way through dirty, wet and downright miserable circumstances. Great for keeping GPS nearby!
Price: $49.95

The RainBallet is certified to work underwater for up to 30 minutes at a time. Each case comes with Sharpvue camera lenses to ensure your underwater filming is crystal clear.
Price: $49.95

The weather is warming up, which means you’re ready to take on the elements. In preparation for summer swimming, cycling and singing in the rain, make sure to keep your smartphone well-protected.

We’ve gathered 10 waterproof smartphone cases that’ll help prevent many an accident. Looking for an everyday waterproof iPhone cover? Or maybe a kooky dry bag for a number of smartphone devices? We’ve got you covered — literally.
Have you ever wished you had a waterproof cover? For instance, when you accidentally left your phone in your jeans pocket and then did the laundry? Yeah, we’ve been there.

Source: Mashable

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