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14 April, 2012

Warning: Beware of Fake Angry Birds Space Versions

Warning: Beware of Fake Angry Birds Space Versions
by Zoe Fox on Mashable

There’s a fake version of Angry Birds Space in unofficial Android app stores, containing infectious malware. Rovio warns users not to be fooled.

“As you get ready to pop pigs in zero gravity, watch out for fake versions of Angry Birds Space, and make sure to download safe by getting the official game from Rovio,” the mobile game maker wrote in a blog post.

The malicious download is a functional version of Angry Birds Space that gains access to your phone using a Trojan horse called Andr/KongFu-L, according to web security firm Sophos. The cybercriminals behind the fake game can direct your phone to any website, once you’ve installed their Trojan.

Be sure to only download the official version of the game to avoid infecting your phone. The official version of Angry Birds Space in Google Play is not affected.

Angry Birds Space, the latest edition of the popular mobile gaming saga, was released March 22 for Android, iOS, Macs and PCs. It was downloaded 10 million times in just three days. The original version of Angry Birds is the most popular download of all time, having reached the 500 million milestone in November 2011.

BONUS: Hands on With Angry Birds Space

Angry Birds Intro
The Angry Birds, with all new characters, are blasting off in pursuit of their piggy foe.

Pig Planet
The first planet you have to tackle, Pig Bang, looks like the pig home world.

Cold Cuts
Each new section takes form of a planet. This one reminds us a little of Hoth, and is probably where the new Ice Cube bird will come into play.

Launching Into Orbit
The birds' slingshot is hardly in a fixed position in this game. Each puzzle varies on what angles you can attack it from.

Use Gravity
Even if these planets are small, they still enact some forces of gravity on your birds. Players have to think about the best way to launch each one.

Piggie Destruction
And boom goes the dynamite!

Two Worlds
Sometimes you'll have to chain gravities together to slingshot around.

Breaking Atmosphere
Some of the challenges will require you to break out of the planets orbit in order to destroy pigs. But be careful, without any gravity, what goes up does not come down.

Going Backward to Go Forward
The slingshot element is common in puzzles, as you are able to shoot your birds in any direction to take advantage of planets orbit.


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