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13 April, 2012

Now You Can Google Like It’s 1986

Now You Can Google Like It’s 1986
by Todd Wasserman on Mashable

No, this isn’t the latest Google Doodle celebrating the anniversary of DOS.
Instead, it’s an imagining of what Google would look like if it was invented circa 1986. The design, by, has been kicking around for a few months, but an Austrian web design firm called Mass:Werkhas created an actual working search engine that simulates the experience of “logging on” via a low-powered computer of the time.
The reason for the project remains unclear, but if the firm is simply trying to draw international attention, it has succeeded.
The site is the latest in a mini-trend: “What if X Was Invented in X?” So far we have seen Facebook recast as a 90s AOL competitor and Twitter as a 1980s BBS. (See gallery below.)
What do you think? Is the Reagan-era Google tubular, or grody to the max? Choose (Y/N) in the comments.

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