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23 April, 2012

New Gmail Comes to All: Do You Approve? [POLL]

New Gmail Comes to All: Do You Approve? [POLL]
by Todd Olmstead
The new Gmail is officially here. We’ve known about this new design for months now, but much like Facebook Timeline, the rollout to all users has been a slow process.

Google officially announced the redesign in November. Until recently, however, users still had the option of reverting back to the old look. That’s not the case now, as Google has followed up its redesign of Google+ with an involuntary change to new Gmail for all users.

James Fallows of The Atlantic was one of the users putting off switching to the new look. He laments the changeover, calling it “the forced ‘improvement’ of something that wasn’t broken,” an opinion that’s been echoed on Twitter throughout the product’s prolonged unveiling.

However, many people feel just fine about the new Gmail, including some of our commenters. Jeff Kee wrote that he was a voluntary convert. “I actually like the clean look without clutter,” he wrote. “More focus on the emails – I love it.”

But as with any major redesign of a widely used product, there will be a range of opinions. So we’re asking you to let us know what you think. Answer our poll below and tell us in the comments what you think of the new Gmail look.

What Do You Think About the Gmail Redesign?


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