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15 April, 2012

Hilarious ‘Titanic’ Parodies to Lift Your Sinking Spirits

8 Hilarious ‘Titanic’ Parodies to Lift Your Sinking Spirits
by Christine Erickson on Mashable

This spoof digitally upgrades the 3D movie with motion feel technology.

Ellen Degeneris reveals on her show that she was actually cut from the movie. Here's her hilarious scene.

Relive 1997 with all of these boat movies that aren't Titanic.

This spoof on the original version of Titanic is, as it says, "a unique cinematic experience."

Naturally, Titanic received the "I'm On A Boat" treatment. The language is strong, but the editing is pretty on point.

Comedian Matt Mulholland gives an unforgettable performance on the recorder of the popular Celine Dion song from the movie.

Just imagine what the box office would be like today if Miley Cyrus played Rose and Justin Bieber was Jack.

If you don't have time to watch the full three-hour movie, here's a basic, hilarious recap in 60 seconds.

The upgraded version of the classic Titanic, now in 3D, has received mixed reviews — some of nostalgia, and others were delighted and disappointed.

Regardless, there are a plethora of videos to keep you entertained right in the comfort of your own home.

Whether it’s spoofs of the trailer, or hilarious renditions of the famous Celine Dion song, we’ve gathered eight funny videos in honor of the film’s resurgence.


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