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08 April, 2012

Google Glasses on Famous Faces [PICS]

Google Glasses on Famous Faces [PICS]
by Jeremy Cabalona on Mashable
Ever since Google announced Project Glass, people have wondered what place the augmented reality glasses could have in everyday life. Some were excited about the possibilites of Project Glass — while others poked fun at their seemingly impractical nature.
We’ve decided to take to Photoshop and imagine what some familiar faces would look like wearing Google Glasses.  How do you think President Obama or Lady Gaga would use a pair of Google Glasses?

Prince William and Kate Middleton
"Google Glasses, add Kate to the 'Royal Family' Google+ circle."
Image courtesy of flickr/UP_repsome

Paula Deen
"Google Glasses, find me the shortest route to the nearest bulk wholesale store. I need to get some butter for dinner tonight."

Hipster Ariel

Meryl Streep
"Google Glasses, create a '3 time Oscar winner' Google+ circle for me. Do not let Hillary Swank join."
Image courtesy of flickr/Beacon Radio

Sarah Palin
"Google Glasses, where can I get a good moose burger in this town?"
Image courtesy of flickr/NewsHour

Lady Gaga
"Can call all you want but there's no one home, and you're not gonna reach my Google Glasses"
Image Courtesy of flickr/Michael_Spencer

Success Kid

Christina Aguilera
"Google Glasses, find me a route home where I won't have to sign any autographs for fans"

Samuel L Jackson
"Glasses, when I ask you a question, I expect an answer. Say 'WHAT' to me one more time...."
Image courtesy of flickr/neovain

Justin Bieber
"Google Glasses, what time am I supposed to meet Selena tonight? "
Image Courtesy of flickr / Hubert Burda Media

George Takei
"Glasses, please show me a new lolcat every 20 seconds for the rest of my life."
Image courtesy of flickr/preloc and kanar

One Direction
"Google Glasses, please alert us when a mob of 15 year old girls is approaching."
Image courtesy of flickr/donkeyjacket45

Ellen Degeneres
"Google glasses, please play happy music that I can dance to at all times during the day. And, don't forget to DVR American Idol tonight!"
Image courtesy of flickr/rompaulrevolt2008

President Obama
"Now I can secretly watch Homeland all day." Image courtesy of flickr/jurvetson

Kim Kardashian
"Aww, what a pretty sunset. Google Glasses, take a picture and sent it to Kanye."
Image courtesy of flickr/bdhq

Scumbag Steve

Kristen Wiig
"Google Glasses, send an invite to Tina and Amy - see if they want to go see Titanic 3D tonight. We could use a good laugh."
Image courtesy of flickr/Josh Jensen


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