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21 April, 2012

Facebook for iPad Launches Retina Version — But Still No Timeline

Facebook for iPad Launches Retina Version — But Still No Timeline
April 2, 2012 by Chris Taylor on Mashable
Use Facebook on your new iPad? Then you’ll be glad of its latest incremental update, version 4.11, built for the third generation tablet’s HD retina display.

As you’d expect, all the icons and photos look much sharper. Jagged edges are banished. You can finally show off your Facebook photo albums on your new iPad without embarrassment.

There’s a host of hotly requested new features in the update, such as the ability to sign out of chat while remaining in the app (so you can browse Facebook without letting people know you’re online). Notifications, which had an annoying habit of popping up even after you’d asked them not to, have been fixed.

But there’s one feature the iPad app still lacks — support for Facebook Timeline.

This is an odd omission, given that Facebook is in the process of switching users and brands over to Timeline-based profiles at a speedy clip, whether they like it or not. All that effort designers are putting into prettifying their Timelines will be for naught if the user happens to be looking at the page on an iPad; they’ll just see the same old scrolling profile page.

We’re awaiting comment from Facebook about when we can expect to see a Timeline update. Our guess: The iPad team is scrambling to play catch-up, given that the app itself only launched in October. But we’re sure that the social network wants to show off just how cool those image-rich Timeline profiles look on a crisp retina display just as much as any designers do.

Do you like the look of Facebook photos on the new iPad? Let us know in the comments.

Not only has Red Bull taken advantage of Timeline, it has also created a scavenger hunt with prizes to get fans interacting with the company's history.

The New York Times' Timeline, which features its rather large staff as a cover photo, has highlighted moments from more than 160 years in history.

3. AT&T
AT&T's cover photo brings together an "ever-changing mosaic" of its fans' photos.

The professional soccer team has also taken advantage of Timeline's biographical features, already filling its page with content from 1908.

5. Dove
The company's fresh-faced models are featured as the cover photo for Dove's brand Page.
"Real women have been our inspiration from the very beginning. Today your photos, stories and memorable moments make up our new timeline," writes the company.

Madonna has switched over to Timeline, and is using her brightly colored album cover as her Facebook cover photo.

Coca-Cola's Timeline dates all the way back to its founding date, May 8, 1886.
"The Coca-Cola Facebook Page is a collection of your stories showing how people from around the world have helped make Coke into what it is today," writes the company.

The motorcycle company's history, dating back to 1903, is all filled out on its Timeline.

9. Nike
Nike is also an early adopter to Timeline. Its Page info dates back to 1972, when it was founded.

Kate Spade mixed designs with its cover photo and profile picture, and has filled out to its founding date in 1993.

11. Toyota
The car company's Timeline dates back to when it was founded, Oct. 31, 1957.
"We encourage you to browse through our extensive Timeline to discover (or re-discover) some of the rich history of our products, people as well as messages from our loyal fans like you," the company writes.

Coldplay has filled its Timeline all the way back to the band's first show in 1998. They've also included interesting facts about their early days as a band.

Naturally, Facebook has filled out its own Timeline as well.

14. Walmart
Walmart has its Timeline filled out back to the day it opened its doors for the first time in 1962. There are images of old stores and information about the evolution of the company.

15. Macy's
Macy's also filled out its history on Timeline, including pictures of the first "fancy dry goods store" in 1822.

16. Ford
Ford's Timeline dates back to 1903, when the first Model A sold for $850.

17. People
People has placed some of Hollywood's most familiar faces across its profile as a cover photo.

The cast of the Today Show was among a select few photos chosen to roll out the social networking site's new design.
The Timeline explores 60 years worth of history.

ESPN's SportsCenter used its colorful studio as a backdrop for the program's Timeline.

20. Lexus
Lexus has included milestones throughout its Timeline, dating all the way back to its start in 1983. The cover photo is a hybrid concept.


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