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07 April, 2012

Crazy Tech Toys You Could Buy With Your Tax Refund

7 Crazy Tech Toys You Could Buy With Your Tax Refund
by Christine Erickson on Mashable

This year’s average tax return is $2,946, according to the Associated Press.

It’s slightly down from last year, but there are still some pretty crazy things you could purchase with about three grand in pocket change. We’ve rounded up seven that you can blow your money on. Or you could just, you know, save it while our economy recovers from a crippling recession.

What kind of tech are you in the market for? Let us know in the comments.

This one's not the top of the line, which would require you to shell out an additional $2,000. But you can still create prototypes and models from home with this personal 3D printer.
Cost: $1,495

This 1981 classic arcade game would look perfect in your living room.
Cost: $2,770

Your backyard could be turned into a movie theater with this 12-by-7-foot inflatable system. You'd still have enough left over for some DVDs and about 12 boxes of popcorn.
Cost: $2,700

This two to three-person hovercraft could yours if you cash in your return.
Cost: $2,500

This 10-disc CD jukebox is modernized with an iPod dock and full-function remote control.
Cost: $2,695

This high-end digital camera will allow you to project 3D objects and documents onto a screen.
Cost: $2,691

You could buy a round trip, first class flight from New York to to Paris, or you could just buy this remote-controlled airplane.

OK, so you can't buy a real Escalade with your tax returns, but you can roll out in eight of the next best thing. You'll also save tons on gas!
Cost: $2,872

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