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03 April, 2012

Beatles 2.0? These 15 Fab YouTube Covers Could Have Them Beat [VIDEOS]

Beatles 2.0? These 15 Fab YouTube Covers Could Have Them Beat [VIDEOS]

By Chris Taylor on Mashable
Rumors that the Beatles would reform tantalized music fans for years after the Fab Four’s breakup in 1970. Now get ready for a new round of will-they-or-won’t-they whispers — but this time about the Beatles’ sons forming a band.
James McCartney, son of Paul, told the BBC’s website that he had discussed the idea with Sean Lennon, Dhani Harrison and Zak Starkey, fellow scions of the Beatle lineage. “Sean seemed to be into it, Dhani seemed to be into it,” McCartney said.
While Zak, son of Ringo, didn’t seem to be keen, McCartney added: “I’d be happy to do it … you’ll have to wait and see.”
The BBC reporter suggested the name “Beatles: The Next Generation”, which sounds a little too Star Trek for our tastes. (Beatles 2.0, perhaps?)
If the prospective junior Beatles do decide to come together on stage, they may need to consider the competition. No, not professional Beatlesque bands with big production values, but the thousands of eager amateurs on YouTube.
Engaging, energetic, and surprisingly tuneful, these keepers of the Beatle flame are bringing the band’s music back down to a more human scale. Call it the digital Cavern.
We’ve collected 15 of our favorites. Did we miss any of yours? Let us know in the comments.
From Me To You (Walk off the Earth)
Best known for their single-guitar cover video of "Somebody I Used to Know", Walk off the Earth has a plethora of Beatles tunes in their cover song catalog. Here's one of the Fab Four's early hits.

Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da (The Rock & Worship Roadshow)
It's impossible not to smile when singing this White Album classic, especially when you're being followed down a corridor by a hundred of your closest friends making a raucous noise.

I'll Be Back (Julia Nunes)
Best known for playing the ukelele on YouTube, this New York-based singer-songwriter brings the tempo down on this Hard Day's Night cover. Nunes puts a stunning amount of soul into the tune -- and finger-clicking never sounded so good.

While My Guitar Gently Weeps (Jamie Allensworth and Marty Schwartz)
Lovely Pamplemoose-style split-screen video -- with a cameo by C3-PO.

Something (KCLR)
Your first thought: why don't they have any chairs in their kitchen? Your second thought: wow, "Something" really works as a reggae number.

Across The Universe (Austin Criswell)
Yes, we know he looks like the "Numa Numa" guy. But just hold your judgment till you hear Austin's voice. Also, he takes requests.

I Will (Jasminecommercemusic)
Jasmine, full name unknown, gives a spirited rendition of this McCartney ballad for her father on Labor Day, 2008.

Come Together (Sungha Jung)
This Korean guitar prodigy, now aged 15 (but much younger in this vid) gives the Lennon classic the classical guiar treatment. You may not be surprised to learn Jung's videos have more than 425 million views.

Let It Be (Joseph Vincent)
Vincent, famous for his lucrative appearance on the Ellen show, turns his acoustic attention to McCartney's gospel-inspired hit.

Yesterday (Walk off the Earth)
WOTE likes to have fun with their videos -- and this one is no exception. Possibly the most upbeat take on the most recorded song of all time.

This Boy (Andrew Lubman)
Another one of those Pamplemoose-style videos where we see all the parts as they are recorded. Lubman posts Beatles covers under his YouTube handle "AllYouNeedisLub."

I Will (Sara Niemietz & W.G Snuffy Walden)
Another, slower take on the McCartney ballad.

Blackbird (Gianni and Myles)
Gianni Luminati from WOTE and his nephew Myles Erlick -- star of the hit Broadway musical "Billy Elliot" -- perform a quick tribute live in Central Park. Featuring real birdsong and CGI Blackbirds.

I Wanna Hold Your Hand (Natalie Hawkins)
Hawkins treats us to the Beatles' breakout American hit in the style it was performed in the movie Across the Universe.

Beatles Medley (Sungha Jung)
One more performance from Jung. See how many of these hits you can identify.

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