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06 April, 2012

9 Ways to Engage Your Employees on Pinterest

9 Ways to Engage Your Employees on Pinterest
by Stephanie Buck on Mashable

Pinterest Pics
Social media is all about user/customer interaction — that much we know. But many businesses value staff engagement as well. Pinterest‘s collaborative approach encourages employees to not only get to know each other, but also to communicate their personalities and tastes to the wider public.
Marketing and communications agency Red Door Interactiverecently launched a Pinterest project that encourages staff members to contribute ideas and inspiration for its new office. The board, titled “San Diego Office Inspiration,” encourages 63 staff member contributors to pin interior design, architectural and decor ideas for the new office, which they’ll be relocating to Oct. 2012.
Red Door’s director of social media, Crosby Noricks, is an early adopter of Pinterest, and was even featured on the social network’s blog back in Sept. 2011. She decided that Red Door’s collaborative office inspiration project was the perfect way to launch the brand’s own Pinterest presence.
“We value the opinions and aesthetic preferences of all our employees and have really enjoyed their discoveries as well as seeing the engagement on our collective suggestions,” she says.
And the sky’s the limit when it comes to inspiration. Red Door’s new office space will be significantly bigger than its old digs, and the staff was not given a budget cap. “This was unrelated to budget — it was more about collaboration, contribution and of course, inspiration,” says Noricks. “We encouraged a ‘dream big’ approach to creating the ideal office.”
Turns out, the staff is dreaming about gymnastics-inspired meeting spaces, giant hammocks and vertical gardens for its new office. Noricks adds her two cents: “I’m personally voting for the treadmill desks and a photobooth!”
Here’s a look at how a number of companies are encouraging their employees to get involved via Pinterest.

Red Door employees are encouraged to share their versions of the perfect office as inspiration for the company's upcoming move.

Jewelry designer Chan Luu posts pictures of employees when they rock some seriously stylish baubles.

Synergy's "Employee Lounge" board shares company events and staff announcements, like new babies and fun vacation photos.

This collaborative board encourages employees to share their favorite products from

5. Jetpac
Travel site Jetpac highlights its most impressive tastemakers by dedicating entire boards to individual staff members.

Among boards dedicated to bookshelf design and craft projects, Gardendale Library features a board of employees' favorite books.

7. Lexity
Small business marketing firm Lexity encourages employees to highlight some of their favorite users' products.

The St. Petersburg college newspaper staff members contribute important news to an employee-curated board.

Finally, pay-per-click advertising firm Rocket Clicks created a simple get-to-know-you board for introducing staff.

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