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28 March, 2012

Tumblr Hits 20 Billion Total Posts

Tumblr Hits 20 Billion Total Posts

By Stan Schroeder For Mashable
tumblrTumblr has hit a major milestone — 20 billion posts — a huge increase from the 12 billion posts figure it reached in November.

“Forgot to make a big deal of this earlier, but Tumblr crossed the 20-billion-post mark Monday night,” said a tweet from the official Tumblr account, with a link to Tumblr’s About page, which sports a counter showing the total number of Tumblr posts.

Currently, the number sits at more than 20 billion posts, 51 million of which were created today. Tumblr currently has more than 49.7 million total blogs and is due to hit the 50 million milestone any day now.

The rapid rise of Tumblr in the past year has been nothing short of amazing. In June 2011, Tumblr announced it had more blogs than — more than 20 million. It took less than nine months for Tumblr to double that number.

For comparison, WordPress powers more than 72 million blogs, about half of which are hosted on

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The simplicity and ease of use of Tumblr on one hand and similarity to microblogging services such as Twitter on the other, have apparently hit the right spot with a large number of users. One thing Tumblr still lacks is a viable business plan — despite significant funding.

BONUS: 25 Outstanding Kitty-Themed Tumblrs [LOTS OF CATS]

What would Tumblr be without the occasional cat post?
From the creator: "I decided there is not enough internet space devoted to pictures of cats trying to fit into anything they can, so I have graciously decided to take on this challenge."
We thank you.

As far as "collections of contorted cats" go, this is particularly fine one.

You'll get nothing but whiskers and win by following The Kitten Covers.

With images of "girls and cats, cats in soft focus, cats on film and dream cats" you're sure to find something Pin-worthy here.

A GIF-based blog slaving to "make the internet a better place."

"Where literature has whiskers and pointy ears." You'll find plenty of vintage pics of literary types and their feline friends.

There are no surprises here. Just cats. In clothes.

"Dedicated to removing Garfield from the Garfield comic strips in order to reveal the existential angst of a certain young Mr. Jon Arbuckle," Garfield Minus Garfield is surreal and funny.

Simply celebrating cats.

Cats plus piles and piles of cash make for strangely compelling viewing.

This blog contains reader "reviews" of their cats, rating them on appearance, sociability, usefulness, huggability and a final, overall grade.

"You've always pretended they weren't watching you get it on. You've always been wrong."

Cats from all corners of the globe feature on this feline-themed travelogue.

Even if you don't know who Ron Swanson is, you should get some laughs here.

Barely Feral says it answers the question "what if there was a porn site designed by cats for cats?"
It's an X-rated answer, so adult-only click-throughs, please.

"All cat GIFs, all the time."

Drugs are bad. If you're not convinced, check out what they have reduced these poor animals to.

This blog shares the "pain" of cats getting in the way of your laptop/iPad/iMac, etc.

If you like a cat with a bit of meat on its bones, this blog is for you.

As "your premier source for celebrities with cats," Celebrity Pussy is both a fabulous online image library and we to like imagine, a constant source of disappointment from, ahem, certain Google users

Lest we forget the important work done by cat scientists during the Sixties.

More cats.

The Tumblr home of the occu-paw movement.

There's a joke somewhere about "The Long Tail," but we'll just say this is splendidly niche.

Finally, our favorite cat-themed Tumblr is the glorious The Cat Scan.
It is probably responsible for a large percentage of cat scratches in recent years as kitty-owners try and persuade their recalcitrant pets to sit still on a humming, flashing box of evil long enough to be scanned.
Those that succeed -- we salute you!

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