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30 March, 2012

Mashable Photo Challenge Results: What’s In Your Laptop Bag?

Mashable Photo Challenge Results: What’s In Your Laptop Bag?

By Jeremy Cabalona For Mashable

Mashable’s first weekly photo challenge is complete, and the photos are in. We asked you to show us What’s in Your Laptop Bag?
Photos were taken with a range of different devices — which is an important aspect of our weekly challenge. Whether your camera of choice is a $3,000 DSLR or an iPhone, we’re interested in what you have to show us with your photography.
Check back tomorrow for our next challenge.
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Have a look through through items our readers don’t leave home without.  Do any of these bags resemble your own?

"There's a bag tax in DC and the part of MD where I work, so I carry a reusable bag with me. Since I metro to work, I have to be prepared for the weather. And of course, since I work for Discovery, I like to show some brand loyalty. I also try to carry headphones wherever I can and earbuds take up less space."

"Everything a technologist needs on the road..."

"I'm type A when it comes to org. so my laptop bag is free of clutter. I'm a PC, but use my iPad daily. Love my Luda headphones! H2O always."

"inside the laptop bag"

"what's in 'my' laptop bag? Bare Necessities"

"Dad's laptop survival bag"

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