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31 March, 2012

‘Charlie Bit My Finger’ Has Earned $500,000 in 5 Years [VIDEOS]

‘Charlie Bit My Finger’ Has Earned $500,000 in 5 Years [VIDEOS]

By Kate Freeman ON Mashable

That precocious Charlie is more than a finger-biter — he’s a moneymaker.
The family that created the most viewed amateur YouTube video ever — featuring a biting baby and his talkative older brother — has made a half-million dollars from ads surrounding that video.
Speaking to ABC’s Nightline, the boy’s father said the whole thing started when he posted the video in 2007 for his son’s godfather in Colorado.
The video captured a few million views within its few months.
Howard Davies-Carr, the boy’s dad, said he considered taking the video down at that point — but didn’t, because there were already many parody videos and copies on other websites. Once the video reached 50 million views, the family began raking in cash from YouTube ads and television spots.
With more than 436 million views, the video has become a pop culture phenomenon. The only video watched more on YouTube is the official theme of the 2010 World Cup.
Playing off the popularity of the video and their adorable boys, the family started a blog in 2009 to document the kids’ lives. They also have a Twitter account, @harryandcharlie, a YouTube channel with other videos of their boys (there are four), and a Facebook page.
There are dozens of “Charlie Bit Me” parodies, songs and various auto-tuned remixes — take a look at some in the gallery below.
Charlie bit my finger - again !
The original video posted in 2007.

AutoTune - Charlie Bit Me (Original Full Version)
Yes, everything can and will be Auto-Tuned on YouTube.

Party down to this ridiculous and playful club-style remix.

Charlie Sheen bit my finger - again!
The best thing about this video is the title, but check out what it *might* look like if Charlie Sheen bit his finger.

Charlie bit me 50yrs later
Imagine if Charlie is still biting fingers 50 years from might look like this.

Charlie the Shark bit me!
This video shows a man being bitten by a shark on the beach set to the 'Charlie Bit Me' soundtrack. Even though his hand gets a bit bloody, don't worry-- he appears to be fine even after the shark bites his hand.

Charlie Bit My Finger - The Horror
This video re-imagines the "Charlie Bit Me" video as a zombie flick. Directed by Jeff Chan, this horror short film is disturbing.

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