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30 March, 2012

7 Tools to Generate Your Random Mega Millions Numbers

7 Tools to Generate Your Random Mega Millions Numbers

By Matt Petronzio On Mashable
Lottery Tickets
Here’s a hypothetical situation: You’re offered a lot of money — say, $640 million, give or take — and you can do anything with it. Buy a mansion. Invest in Apple. Donate to charity (that’s first on your list, right?). Everything’s at your fingertips. There’s just one catch — you have to pick the six perfect numbers first.
People in the U.S. are buzzing about the record-high Mega Millions lottery jackpot. Maybe you’ve bought countless tickets, coaxed your coworkers into getting in on the action, or tried to lessen the competition by convincing people that the lottery was cancelled altogether. You’ve even imagined headlines in your honor (“Mashable Intern Wins Mega Millions [EXCLUSIVE]).” Hey, I can dream too.
The most important aspect of getting your hands on all that dough, of course, is picking the winning numbers. But how do you choose? What if your lucky numbers just aren’t working, or what if you’re buying so many tickets that you just want the numbers chosen for you? And what if you don’t trust those lotto machines?
We’ve found seven random number generators that could help you select lotto combinations. Because we care about our readers at Mashable, we’ll tell it straight: You’re not going to win. These numbers are random. They will not increase your odds of winning. But hey, in case you do, remember to give us a cut of the winnings. *It’s only fair.
*Not really.
Image courtesy of iStockphotodavidf.

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