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30 March, 2012

10 Fun Notepads to Geek Up Your Desk

10 Fun Notepads to Geek Up Your Desk

By Amy-Mae Elliott On Mashable

Cute Tetris-themed sticky notes will add some game-themed fun to your annotations.
Cost:: $14

Android fans will love this handy notebook.
Cost:: $3.25

Bring a little bit of online fun into the offline world with these "social" sticky notes.
Cost:: $3.99

You can color-code your notes with these gorgeous Pantone notepads.
Cost:: From $6.95

A mousepad that looks like a computer window that you can write on? We're sold!
Cost:: $5.99

Let your nearest and dearest know your current "status" with this witty note set.
Cost:: $3.99

A limited edition from Moleskine, these LEGO notebooks come complete with minifig stickers!
Cost:: From $16.95

Depending on their orientation, these "like" or "dislike" sticky notes can be used to convery good or bad news, show favor or displeasure or simply give someone the thumbs up.
Cost:: $5

Go retro with a floppy disk note -- they will save you from boring yellow alternatives!
Cost:: Approx $12

Finally, did you know that Google now offers a range of stationery featuring its awesome Doodles? Order your favorites and you'll never have to send a boring notelet again!
Cost:: From $2.95
We recently brought you an awesome roundup of accessories to organize your office. Now we’re geeking out with paper goods.

From “social” sticky notes to LEGO notebooks to Google Doodle notecards, we think you’ll find something tempting in our selection.
Take a look through our gallery of great geeky stationery. Let us know in the comments which ones you’d like to doodle on!

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