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27 February, 2012

Nokia’s 41 Megapixel Camera Phone Takes Marvelous Photos [PICS]

Nokia’s 41 Megapixel Camera Phone Takes Marvelous Photos [PICS]
By Chelsea Stark For Mashable

Hanging Out
The crisp detail of the PureView is evident, as the horizon is sharp as well as the foreground.

Hanging Out: Zoomed In
The 41-megapixel image allows for you to zoom in without losing image quality.

Sunset in South Africa
The camera performs well in difficult light conditions, like this sunset.

Rock Climbing in South Africa
The PureView also can show depth-of-field; objects closer to the lens are out of focus, but the climber is in focus.

Rock Climbing in South Africa: Zoomed In
Again, you can see how hard she's working with the great image quality.

Low Light
The camera obviously has a great sensor, picking up details on an image that was shot in a darker space.

Close Up
This is another impressive depth of field example. The PureView offers some crisp close-ups.

Climbing the Cliff Face
The color on this shot, taken in South Africa, looks great.

Rock Climbing SA Zoom
The far climber is even made more visible with a tight zoom.

Quiet Moment
Another example of depth-of-field and twilight conditions.

Drummer in Rio
This shot is crisp, even though it looks like there was a lot of movement.

The Nokia 808 PureView
The exterior of the Nokia 808 PureView.

Front View
The PureView has a 360 x 640 screen.

Hand Held
The PureView looks small enough to slide in a pocket easily, and would be perfect for on-the-fly photography.

The Nokia 808 PureView comes in three colors.

Impressive Technology
The camera will probably appear on Nokia phones in the near future as well.

That's a look at the lens of a 41-megapixel camera.
BARCELONA — The Monday announcement of the 41-megapixel Nokia 808 PureView represents a major leap in mobile camera technology.

While more megapixels don’t always automatically lead to better photos, they do mean data-rich photos that can be more easily zoomed and edited. You’ll be able to do a lot more in post-processing with a camera like the Nokia’s. Of course, the photos will be very large in file size, so the PureView will undoubtedly need ways to bring in external memory cards or export photos to the cloud to prevent photographers from quickly running out of storage.

Mashable got some demo photos from Nokia taken by a team of rock climbers in South Africa. The results? Majestic shots that we could easily scale to smaller images that still looked just as good. While the nice landscapes gave the photographers an advantage, you can see how we cropped down some of their photos, and they still look great. File size was a factor, too — the images were about 12 megabytes each.

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Nokia unveiled the 808 PureView at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The phone will retail for 450 euros, or about $600, when it launches in Europe in May. The camera technology, brought to Nokia by Symbian, will appear in upcoming Nokia mobile phones as well.

What do you think of this smartphone? Is the price tag fair for its incredible camera? Tell us in the comments.

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