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29 February, 2012

New Sony Headphones Sound Off in Sony Stores Today

New Headphones Sound Off in Sony Stores Today
By: MelissaDolanSony | Posted: 2/29/2012 | Posted in ABOUT OUR PRODUCTS
Listen up Sony headphone fans! We’ve announced a  new line just in time for Spring including over-the-head, a colorful array of ear buds.

First up is Sony’s new over the head MDR-MA900 model.  It has a full open structure design allowing sound to flow wider and more natural as if you were listening to music without using headphones versus existing closed headphones that only allow sound to flow into the middle of the head. And with a 40mm driver unit, that is some powerful sound! Additional models include MDR-MA300 and 100 and will be available in April.

For the DJ on the move, the MDR-V55 and MDR-ZX600 have a swivel folding style and use a 40mm driver for high quality sound and come in black with red piping and white with gray piping while the MDR-ZX600 also includes a grey version with orange piping. Both will be available in March.
Available now at the Sony Store is an Easter egg assortment of ear buds offered in colors such as blue, black, purple, red, white, pink, red, yellow, etc. The new ear candy models include MDR-EX210, MDR-EX40, and MDR-EX 35 and 37.

For our sports enthusiasts, we have a brand new water resistant headphone (MDRAS20J/WHI) that comes in white with soft loop hangers to help prevent them from dropping off the ear.

With all the different types of headphones on the market today, where do people use them the most? The living room and bedroom are the most popular place to use headphones and the preference by far for home listening is over-the-head type. And with recent studies saying walking outside with headphones can be risky, we say stay indoors in the comfort of your own home and enjoy sound that only Sony can produce with our new over the ear models!

So tell us, which of these are your favorite? We’d love to hear what you think.

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