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24 February, 2012

Apple iPad 3 Features And Release Date

Apple iPad 3 Features And Release Date
The particular Apple iPad is among the best-selling pills in the world, and also the iPad 3 is among the most predicted devices from Apple this coming year. This article describes you about the news that are to become included in the ipad news.

The bottom line is, the Apple company iPad3 will feature a brand new, thinner and sleeker design and style, down nearly 20% in size when compared to ipad 2 buy. It will support full touch screen HD display with a display resolution of 2048 by 1536.

As well as that, the ipad news will have a lighter weight battery, reducing the load of the gadget. However , the battery pack is reported to cost twenty to 30 percent more than current iPad’s battery pack, and will also possess a longer battery-life.

Additionally it is expected the iPad 3 may have a wireless charging technologies, which will be capable of charge the battery as well as transfer data easily.

iPad 3 Features

Let’s now check out all the features thorough:

A6 Processor

The current Apple iPad 2 has a 900MHz dual-core ARM Cortext-A9 processor, Apple A5 chipset and PowerVr SGX543MP2 GPU. This certainly made the Apple iPad 2 a powerful tablet and a main competitor in the world of tablets. Now Apple is aiming to make the competition tougher by sporting an A6 Quad-core Processor in the iPad 3. This would make the iPad 3 as powerful as any high-end desktop.

According to Linley Group senior analyst Kevin Krewell, “We expect the A6 will be a quad-core EQUIP Cortex-A9 design, which would be competitive with next year’s best mobile processors. In 2012, Nvidia will offer a quad-core Cortex-A9 processor, and Qualcomm will have the aforementioned MSM8960, a dual-core A15-class processor operating in 1 . 7GHz. Fabricating Apple’s A6 in 28nm (instead of the 40nm process Nvidia is using for its quad-core part) will reduce both die cost and power, yielding a much better product. ”

iOS 5

The particular iPad 3 will come with all the latest iOS five, which will host the particular multi-touch gesture technology. Still analyst and tech lovers predict that Apple would present OS X Lion for that tablet, as it will be powered with a quad-core processor.

This will also include multitasking features, such as notifications, task-finishing, app-switching, area and background audio.

3D Feature and New Retina Display

Apple enthusiast expected the Retina Display feature on Apple iPad 2; however , Apple has been working majorly for an improved version of it to include it in the iPad 3. The iPhone 4 currently supports the actual Retina Display with a display screen resolution of 960 x 640. Apple explains Retina Display because: “Developing pixels a mere 78 micrometers wide, Apple engineers were able to pack four occasions the number of pixels in to the same 3. 5-inch (diagonal) screen found on earlier iPhone versions. The resulting pixel density of iPhone 4 - 326 pixels per inch - makes text and graphics look smooth and continuous at any dimension. ”

With all the Retina Display function, the screen resolution from the iPad3 is going to be 2048 x 1536 -pixels. However , it is known that the 3rd version of the tablet is actually delayed due to Retina Screen issues, and Apple is actually expected to ship the gadget in early 2012.

You can find speculations that the gadget will display the 3D watch. Although it’s too soon to expect features such as 3D display, devices such as the LG Optimus can file videos in 3D, and also output the same through HIGH DEF.

iPad 3 Features Continued:

Cloud Computing

Apple company announced its Cloud services throughout the WWDC 2011, and may definitely are the iCloud technology in the iPhone 5 as well as iPad 3. Together with iCloud users can store pictures, apps, calendars as well as access songs on iTunes excluding them to store within the phone’s memory.


The actual iPad 3 will come by having an improved camera, because the previous version from the table didn’t seem amazing enough. Unlike the ipad 2 buy, the new pill will come with Led-flash to support the digital camera. It is likely to have a 5MP digital camera with 1080p or 720p movie recording quality of 60 fps. The technologies made by OmniVision can help reduce the scale the table by 20%.

Fingerprint Proof

Apple company has already been granted us patents on this technology, and it is working real challenging make the iPad3 finger-print proof. The touchscreen will be coated together with oleophobic materials, that will reduce the oil and also fingerprints on the display.

iPad 3 Mock Illustration (You Can Embed This

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