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03 January, 2012

Top 10 most powerful celebrities in 2011

Top 10 most powerful celebrities in 2011

January 3, 2012 / Lifestyle / 0 comments 

Here are the top 10 most powerful celebrities in 2011 as the Forbes says. I am sure you will not be surprised with the list, but I was a little bit surprised not to find in top ten Jay Z and Beyonce. I was surprised to find her on 29th place, and Jay Z on 38th. Well, it looks like this was Lady Gaga’s year and she was setting trend, and there was not much space for a girlish look. Rihannna, who is to enter the Guinness Book of Records, like the woman singer who managed for 5 years in the road to remain on the firs place on the list charts, is not even on the top 100 list! See who is on top 10 and how much money did we put in their pockets!

1. Lady Gaga

This school drop out from New York, managed to earn $ 90, 000, 000 as of August 2011. Lots of zeros for a drop out!
forbes 201105 Forbes Top 10 Most Powerful Celebrities in 2011

2. Oprah Winfrey

This self-made, small town girl from Kosciusko, MS has gone far from the place she was born and now she is Net Worth
$2.7 B As of September 2011.
forbes 201107 Forbes Top 10 Most Powerful Celebrities in 2011

3. Justin Bieber

He is only 17, and he is from Canada, he had his big break in 2010 with the song Babe. Someone loves him, someone doesn’t. Still he’ll be a fine lady when he grows up! His money for this year is estimated to $ 53, 000, 000
forbes 201104 Forbes Top 10 Most Powerful Celebrities in 2011

4. U2

The ageless rockers are wrapping up the most lucrative tour in the history of music. In April the group’s 360 Tour surpassed the Rolling Stones’ Bigger Bang Tour, which grossed $554 million from 2005 to 2007. By the time U2′s tour ends this summer, the band will have sold $700 million worth of tickets over two years and played to more than 7 million people.
forbes 201110 Forbes Top 10 Most Powerful Celebrities in 2011

5. Elton John

Sir Elton has sold 250 million records worldwide over the past 30 years and isn’t slowing down, he grossed $204 million performing 102 live shows in the past 12 months. The Rocket Man still has time for family. With partner David Furnish, he welcomed surrogate son Zachary in 2010. Lady Gaga is the tyke’s godmother.
forbes 201102 Forbes Top 10 Most Powerful Celebrities in 2011

6. Tiger Woods

Woods has struggled to win tournaments and sign new sponsorship deals since his November 2009 car crash and the infidelity scandal that followed. Yet Woods continues to be the world’s best-paid athlete thanks to $3 million overseas appearance fees and two sponsors that stuck with him: Nike and Electronic Arts. First week sales this spring of EA Sports’ Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters were the highest in the 14-year history of the popular video game franchise.
forbes 201101 Forbes Top 10 Most Powerful Celebrities in 2011

7. Taylor Swift

Whether you consider her music country, pop or both, there’s no question that Swift is a moneymaking machine. Her new album Speak Now was certified triple-platinum barely a month after its October release. Touring brings gross ticket sales of some $750,000 per night. Just don’t break her heart: scathing love ballad “Dear John” was rumored to be directed at former flame John Mayer.
forbes 201109 Forbes Top 10 Most Powerful Celebrities in 2011

8. Bon Jovi

Who says you can’t go home? Bon Jovi opened New Jersey’s New Meadowlands Stadium with three consecutive sold out concerts last May and another in July. The band grossed $200 million playing 74 shows over the past 12 months and released a greatest hits album. Frontman Jon Bon Jovi was named to the White House Council for Community Solutions by President Obama.
forbes 201103 Forbes Top 10 Most Powerful Celebrities in 2011

9. Simon Cowell

Cowell’s exit from American Idol this year didn’t kill the show, but it left fans hungry for his biting criticism. Lucky for them, the American version of Cowell’s The X Factor is slated to launch on Fox this fall. Cowell has said that the format, which allows for single and group performers over the age of 12, is his favorite. It doesn’t hurt that he’s revived the old Idol chemistry by hiring on fellow former judge Paula Abdul.
forbes 201108 Forbes Top 10 Most Powerful Celebrities in 2011

10. LeBron James

James’ reputation took a hit last summer when he announced he was leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers for the Miami Heat on a national televised special dubbed “The Decision.” His negative Q score soared 77%. Despite the animosity, James continues to be a hot ticket. His jersey was the NBA’s best seller this season and he has the No. 1 basketball shoe on the market. In April, James partnered with Fenway Sports Group to manage his business interests. As part of the deal James received a very small stake in FSG-owned soccer club, Liverpool.
forbes 201106 Forbes Top 10 Most Powerful Celebrities in 2011

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