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07 January, 2012

Facebook Timeline Customization: 5 Tools for Cover Photos

Facebook Timeline Customization: 5 Tools for Killer Cover Photos
Facebook Timeline Customization: 5 Tools for Cover Photos

1. Pic Scatter - Friends
Pic Scatter lets you create a montage of images in your cover photo space.
You can generate the content from your Facebook friends or pick a particular album to use.

2. Pic Scatter - Likes
You can also create a similar montage from your Facebook "Likes."
As far as functionality goes, once you've generated the collection, you can "shuffle" the images and move them around until you are happy with the placement.
A $1.50 "Premium" option will get rid of the Pic Scatter credit.

This great tool is a fab option for designing your own banner.
You can upload and edit your own background image, upload additional photos, add text and even "draw" on the image.

Alternatively you can select from one of the site's stock images and customize how you see fit.
There's no watermark on the final product, which you simply save and upload to Facebook from your computer.

More suited to professionals who use Facebook as a networking tool, FaceItPages' free design service requires a simple sign-up to get started.
Once you're in, you can pick from a variety of backgrounds, upload a logo or smaller secondary image and add in text links to other social networking sites.

Or you can upload your own image to use as a background.

9. Cover Canvas - Photos
Cover Canvas gives you three cool custom cover photo options.
The first is to generate a photo montage from your profile photos — there is a wealth of templates to choose from.
The site makes it very easy to browse the different designs, while switching photos around is as easy as clicking the "remix" button.

10. Cover Canvas - Name
The next option is to create a text-based illustration made up of your name.
As before, there are a ton of templates and it's easy to explore the different designs.

11. Cover Canvas - Name and Photos
Finally, you can go for a name-and-photos combo design.
With over 30 templates to play around with, you should find a look that suits you.

In addition to offering a free service where you can pick images to use for your cover photo, CoverJunction allows you to upload your own photo files to add to the creative pool.

Even further, CoverJunction offers a couple of fun, clean-looking custom covers.
First is a banner that showcases your most "Liked" photo. Try it — the results might surprise you.
The other option is to showcase your two "top" Facebook friends.

This Facebook app is a fun, on-site service for making personalized photo-themed covers.
While you can choose from the stock images available, the DIY "collage maker" templates are quite fun.
You can generate a random selection of images from one or more of your Facebook albums.

Keep hitting the "remake" button to shuffle the images until you're happy and then you can use your cool creation as your shiny, new cover photo.
Now, go and get creative! Link us in the comments below to your Timeline profile design.
Now that Facebook Timeline has rolled out to everyone, we’re seeing some great services that let you customize the new “Cover Photo” banner space at the top of your profile.
While similar services we looked at last year enabled you to select a great stock photo for your banner, these new sites offer more advanced personalization.
Take a look at the services we’ve showcased in our gallery above — they are tons of fun! And if you’re short on design ideas, browse our slideshow of inspiring recent examples in the gallery below.

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