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31 December, 2011

The Zodiac position in Year 2012

The Zodiac position in Year 2012

In the year 2012 Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron will come together; Chiron is the millennium’s star of Bethlehem. The year 2012 will be the age of Aquarians. As the year 2012 is the year for Aquarians, it is believed that they will get a chance to achieve things which they have tried previously. Positive energy and new opportunity will surely come in their way. Neptune will have a strong influence in all the lives in 2012. The planet Neptune will allow bringing new hope and positive energy. 

  1. There will be an impending pole shift which will tear the world apart.
  2. The world will be devastated by a geomagnetic reversal.
  3. The surface of the planet will be burned by solar storms.
Year 2012 

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