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02 December, 2011

Norwich Airport Hacked, Credentials and Job Application Records Leaked (Exclusive)

December 2nd, 2011, 07:41 GMT · By Eduard Kovacs

Norwich Airport Hacked, Credentials and Job Application Records

Leaked (Exclusive)

Kahuna, the hacker that’s been keeping himself busy breaching government websites for the past couple of days, did it again. This time he hacked into the systems of Norwich Airport to show that not only governments like Bhutan fail to protect their digital assets.
As a result of the breach, administrator names, usernames and passwords were leaked, but also the entire contents of their job applications database. More than 2,000 titles, names, addresses, postal codes, email addresses, phone numbers and town names were published online.

“Your sites that should be the most secure are still just as flawed as all the rest. If you think that there is any info that we cannot obtain, you are incorrect. The people can get everything, and this goes to show. NOTHING is protected from prying eyes,” he wrote in the Pastebin document that accompanies the massive quantity of data.

After the breach took place, the hacker contacted me and revealed how he managed to pull off the entire operation.

“This one, I was reading about a vulnerability that affected a site software and found that this airport was affected after digging around a bit. I realized that they would most likely consider fixing it as soon as possible if I released all the info, so I dropped it on Pastebin and sent out a tweet,” he said.

Another one of the reasons for which he penetrated the website’s defenses was to launch a warning toward the UK government to let Occupy protestors demonstrate peacefully. 

“I would say I also did this to show that when you think you are secure, you are not. And if these security flaws are there, then who knows what could come next. The UK government needs to rethink who they are messing with when they do not allow the occupy protestors to demonstrate peacefully and show what they believe in,” Kahuna added.

I have sent an inquiry to airport officials to learn if they noticed the security breach and if they resolved the flaws that allowed unauthorized access to their systems. I will update the article as soon as I receive a response.

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