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04 December, 2011

My husband should have unconditional love with lots of money

My husband should have unconditional love with lots of money: Veena Malik

Amidst nude pose controversy, Pakistani actress and model Veena Malik arrived in India on Friday to take part in the TV Reality Show Swayamvar season-4.

Veena, who is popular as ‘Rakhi Sawant’ of Pakistan for her bold image, kicked off the promotion for the show from Mumbai.
Clad in white Lehnga and Choli, Veena was looking stunning and for sure she is going to give sleepless nights to the male participants of the show.

In a candid interview with Samay news channel’s Ehtram Ali, Veena opened up about her upcoming TV reality show 'Swayamvar- Veena Ka Vivah', would be husband and other stuffs.

Ali: Just before arriving in India, an international magazine published your nude picture on its cover page, why you did it?

 Just like you, it is quite shocking for me too. I have asked my legal team to look into the matter and will take legal action against the magazine for sure. I shot for the magazine but the pose was different one.

Ali: What is the importance of marriage for Veena Malik?

Being a girl, I have the similar feelings what others have. It is an important phase of life which should be addressed seriously.

Ali: You are looking pretty in Indian outfit. How will you rate Indian dresses?

Veena: I always love to wear Indian dress. I use to wear Lehnga Choli and sarees. For the show, I have got my new Indian outfit (blinks).

Ali: What is your feeling for Indian ‘Mundas’ (boys).

 I love Indian boys. I feel Indian boys are quite handsome from others (With a huge blush on face).

 What quality do you need in your husband? I mean, you must have fixed certain criteria to select your man out of huge list of contenders.

Yes, for Mr. Perfect, love—unconditional love will be the first priority. He should love me unconditionally. Second is money. He should have money because it is necessary for me. Third one is look. He must be handsome, good looking. Well, ordinary look will be OK but he must fulfill first two criteria (laughs).

During the interview Veena looked confident of getting Mr. Perfect but on the other hand, Dolly Bindra, who was one of the inmates of Bigg Boss season-4 along with Veena, lashed out at her for getting cheap publicity by posing nude.

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