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05 December, 2011

Microsoft introduces voice command software for Xbox 360

Microsoft introduces voice command software for Xbox 360

December 5, 2011
Xbox 360 logo
Microsoft are introducing a live update to its popular Xbox console, allowing the 35 million users access to operate it via voice command.

This new development will allow users to play or pause TV through their Xbox, as well as search through the online system for films, shows, music and games. A wider range of on demand viewing will also be available.

Microsoft claim this will be “a new technological era in live TV in the home where the user becomes the remote control through voice and gesture control”.

The interface will look and feel much like that of a Windows phone. The Telegraph suggest that the BBC are expected to partner with Microsoft in the new year, offering its iPlayer services to the catch-up TV. 

This vioce activated feature does not tally up as advanced as Apple’s personal assistant software, Siri, which can understand natural language. Mircosoft’s version is best used for pausing and fast-forwarding.

Activated by the word “Xbox”, the new Kinect sensor will display bar at the bottom of the screen to show that it is waiting for further instructions. This can be de-activated to that natural conversation is not interrupted. 

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