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02 December, 2011

Airline WiFi Check: Which Have It?

Airline Wi-Fi Check: Which Have It?

It took ages, but United has finally made a decision on putting Wi-Fi on its fleet. Instead of just doing the domestic fleet, it's going global. Now, almost every U.S. airline has plans for Wi-Fi with at least one of the various providers out there. Here's a look at how they stack up.

Installed on entire mainline fleet (except for the cargo/passenger combi 737s that primarily fly in Alaska). Service not available on Hawai'i flights.
No plans for Wi-Fi.
Will install on entire mainline domestic fleet by next year. To see if your flight will have it, check the AA widget. Service not available on Hawaii flights. No plans for international fleet have been announced.
Installed on entire mainline domestic fleet. Currently installing on all regional jets with more than 50 seats. No plans for international fleet have been announced.
Plans to install only on Embraer 190 aircraft, but not currently in service.
No plans for Wi-Fi.
Will install on entire fleet beginning next year.
Installing on most of its fleet. Will be completed by 2013. Pre-merger AirTran fleet has it installed on every airplane.
No plans for Wi-Fi.
United (including Continental)
Installed on only the 13 airplanes flying between New York/JFK and both Los Angeles and San Francisco today. Will begin installing on rest of the mainline fleet (domestic and international) next year. Full mainline fleet will be completed by 2015.
US Airways
Installed only on all A321 aircraft.
Virgin America
Installed on entire fleet.

Photograph: iStockPhoto

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