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26 November, 2011

Snake arm robot pitures

Snake arm robot pictures
The snake-arm robot can "reach the unreachable" say its creators.
UK-based OC Robotics says the Snake-arm can perform a variety of inspection and maintenance tasks.
The lightweight arm is made up of a series of articulating links which are controlled by steel wires.
A range of tools can be fitted to the tip, including cameras and lights.
It can slide into the tightest of spots. In this picture, a Snake-arm is performing maintenance at a nuclear power plant in Sweden.
OC Robotics also hopes to help airframe construction, venturing into tight spots in fuselages and wings to perform inspections.
UK nuclear decommissioning company Sellafield recently requested a demonstration and was impressed with the snake arm's dexterity and strength.
The company has a simulator, which employees and clients can use to practice navigating through confined spaces.
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M Usman Arshad

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